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1 Natural Loofah Exfoliating Body Biodegradable Sponge(22-35/16-20 cm

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1 Natural Loofah Exfoliating Body Biodegradable Sponge22-35/16-20 cm

Features & details

  • Natural materials: our loofahs are naturally grown, they are collected after the loofahs are matured and produced through a series of processes, their color are unbleached, and they can be degraded into fertilizer to improve and loose the potted soil
  • Wide range of uses: you can divide the whole loofah into multiple small loofah scrubbers according to your usage habits, you can use loofah to clean the skin, wash dishes, wash pots, massage the body, even make insoles, breathable and non-stuffy sweat
  • Exfoliating function: loofah is full of plant fiber, suitable for deep exfoliation, removing oil and dirt on the skin surface, reducing pore blockage and promotes blood circulation, you can use loofah scrubber to clean the face or back, which helps keep skin fresh and clean
  • Safe to wash: loofah is derived from natural, effectively avoid leaving harmful chemical residue when washing dishes, and easy to remove oil quickly, loofah is very soft in water, which will not scratch the bowl surface, easy to dry after use, convenient for next time use
  • Different experiences: when you don't want to use plastic cleaning tools and want to try other material scrubbers, this natural loofah is a good choice for you and will give you a different experience; Note: because it is naturally grown, the length of the loofah ranges from 22 cm/ 8.7 inches to 35 cm/ 13.8 inches approximately